CatFish Show # 114 – Show Candy

Today’s show: MP3 format or RSS feed – 32mins

  • Simon’s bedtime problems
  • An audio comment from Dwight
  • Show Candy – Twizzlers
  • A call to Hershey’s about shelf life
  • Wine – anyone heard of Est Est Est!
  • Great comments about Credit Cards – and audio from Keith
  • Off to Florida again :-)
  • New podcast from Jamie Oliver
  • Halloween decorations are up – we should show you but…
  • Postcards from Overseas! – temperatures in Austria – EuroMeteo
  • Nico is coming for the Holidays! check out CPB

Thanks for listening.


14 Responses to “CatFish Show # 114 – Show Candy”

  1. Charles Says:

    I’m first!!!! W00T I prefer the original Twistlers. ;) And yes, I look at labels too.

  2. Charles Says:

    GERD = Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease or acid reflux. :D

  3. Nico Says:

    Don’t forget about shoveling snow!! (i was serious :) )

    I was looking at the label of this cheap vodka bottle the other day. It said “Ingredients: water – alcohol”. Lovely.

  4. Michael Gallegos Says:

    Married folks with kids are always broke.

    I used to have money to burn. Now I just have stupid money going to Life insurance and sitting in savings and other NON fun stuff.

  5. Michael Gallegos Says:


    One of the factors to your Credit Rating is history and a ratio of Debt to Credit.

    Remove the 5k (guesstimate) from your total, and your rating will DROP. Granted you just bought a different house you may not be affected till you need to refinance.

    Thanks for the link to Oliver podcast.

  6. Vivian of CLIP Podcast Says:

    I just saw the halloween flicker pics. Adorable! Now I know what Bob would look like as a giraffe :-) .

  7. Melanie Sullivan Says:

    I usually just read food product labels when I’m indifferent about buying one kind/brand versus another. Then I usually get the one that’s “better”. Also now that we’re expecting (can’t wait!!) I’ve been paying more attention to calcium in different foods, because I find it really hard to get 4 servings of milk/cheese each day!

  8. AndyCast Andy Says:

    Labels? We don’t need no stinking labels! Actually, I do look at the labels. Here in the US we get more information from our labels since they are pretty much only in English and there is more real estate for the companies to use. I wonder if the could sublet that space and get advertising money for other products.

    Like run pasta ads on bottles of Ragu?
    Or Oreo ads on milk cartons?
    Or diet pills on Twinkies?

    Just a thought…

    As for poor Simon’s night terrors…they will subside…just gotta hang in there. It’s likened to sleep walking…he’s not really try to keep him safe and as hard as it may be, try not to force him awake…let it ride it’s course…if you can keep calm and reassuring, things will work themselves out.

    We can relate to the Credit Card issues. We had a CIBC US Dollar VISA. We figured since we are in the US, it’d be a great idea not to have to pay US-Can. exchange on every purchase. We were constantly having it declined for US purchases. We canceled that sucker REAL fast. Another thing we’ve been getting with Can. credit cards, is some vendors are declining it because it is a FOREIGN bank. How freaking FOREIGN is Canada to the US….sheesh…

    I really liked the idea of dressing up someone else’s house. That would be so funny. Especially if you had to nail all the lights up…they’d come back and see all the nail holes in their soffets….a laugh riot for sure.

    Sorry to write so much, but when a show comes out…you gotta capitalize…gotta feed that podcast their comment Twizlers!

    All our best!

    Andycast Andy

  9. Alasdair Says:

    Freaky…….very freaky……

    I do a search on YouTube for Catfishshow. The first video is pretty good, but Simon looks a little rough in this one and fancy making the poor little guy wear a tie. :-)

    Glow in the dark stars…. evil, very evil.


  10. Dwight from Ottawa Says:

    Hi Cat!
    Thanks for the link in you show notes! Im just a little podcast, but
    Im trying!
    Twizzlers and wine! WOW!
    DId you drink the wine through the twizzler like a straw? That might be fun!
    Speakin of glow in the darr stars, when frends moved in to a new appartment ,the fond out that someone had painted the cealing with glowing paint that gave the imprestion of looking up at the milky way. Too ccol!
    Be Cool!

  11. Tom Says:

    Watch out if you use your CC in FL. My parents bought their cruise tickets on their Mastercard (they wanted the airmiles too) and one the first purchase in Jamaica my father’s CC was canceled, not declined or put on hold but those squirrelly weasels at Mastercard canceled his card…the same card he used to purchase his cruise on
    Luckily my mother had a Visa that was used a few times on the trip but when they arrived back in FL and she went to use her card for a dinner purchase it was declined and just put on hold.
    The CC companies, much like they told you, want notification of when you were traveling…hmmm so now some phone monkey at the CC company knows who you are, where you live, how much money you make, what your credit limit is and that you will be out of town. That is safe – thanks Mastercard

  12. ben parker Says:

    All about purchasing,having no credit card,any other way?

  13. Smith Says:

    i must say i am Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better. I see that the pirate theme is back!
    While I was in Disney World, I got a chance to ride the new revamped Pirates of the Carribean (sp?). It was really cool how they worked Captain Jack Sparrow into the ride. They even had a guy dressed up as him outside the ride giving tips on how to be a pirate. The kids seem to love that character!

  14. Angeline Julie Says:

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