CatFish Show # 113 – The Sweet Popcorn Show

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  • The Oven Meter – time to fix the oven
  • MasterCard Fiasco – BMO Mastercard declined!!
  • We got a new camera – check the video out here!
  • Health problems for Cat
  • Thanksgiving in VT – that is done and over with :-)
  • Coffe Machine volcano
  • Popcorn from WalMart

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14 Responses to “CatFish Show # 113 – The Sweet Popcorn Show”

  1. Michael Gallegos Says:

    The oven that came with our house had a broken thermometer. we cooked a 20lb turkey in 2.5 house. the damn thing was at 700 degrees. The self cleaning temp.

    We are lucky with Owen, if he doesn’t sleep he stays in bed. Never crawled out of his crib, and just lays in bed for his nap time even if he doesnt sleep.

    Kettle Corn is the best. fairs and some open air markets make it fresh on the spot and boy it is Fantastic that way.

    Now that you have finished moving, and are settled in the new place, I will bet your stomach pains will go away.

    Thanks for the video, a few of us thought Bob would be taller. That is one cute kid you have there.

  2. Charles Says:

    Both of are kids had trouble staying in bed as young kids. I used to stay in the kids rooms until they fell asleep, sometimes I would fall alseep myself. :D Though once they fell asleep they would stay asleep. Glad you found a camera! Charles

  3. Charles Says:

    BTW, sounds like you may have GURD. It’s fun my whole family has it.

    And I agree with you Bob can’t die (you either!) otherwise you don’t be able to log into the computer or produce podcasts. :D

  4. Mark Says:

    Hey guys!

    It’s unfortunate that public health in Canada is failing. That’s more about cuts to funding than the model of public health.


  5. Beth B Says:

    I have to second that the videos are great. The giggling alone is worth the price of admission.

    It reminds me to get the video camera out and tape my own kids more often.

    Did you try a nightlight for Simon yet? I swear that’s what did the trick with my daughter. Turns out she was scared of the dark, so when she woke up in the night, she would call for me. When the night light appeared, she stopped calling for me.

  6. Cat Says:

    Hi everyone!

    Beth, Simon has always had a night light, we were thinking maybe it was too bright and that’s why he kept waking up! Not a night light problem.

    This cough is keeping him up all the time, we got about 4 hrs sleep total last night… I am at my wits end, don’t know what to do next – made a call to the Dr. but not sure what they can do! Cough syrop doesn’t do anything…

    Oh well, this is just a phase, and we should get past it – right??

    Thanks for all the great support.

  7. Dan Says:

    Listening to the show as I type this. Paused so that I could watch the videos, which were cute. It looks like you have a big house.

    Happy belated Thanksgiving. We have to wait until next month here in Ohio. Well, we can give thanks every day, but, you know what I mean.

    I like the dynamic between you and Bob on this show.

  8. Kayla Says:

    The health system can be so good at times, but I have never had to wait very long for an ultrasound (I had a few problems a few years ago), I always got one in a week or so. I had a cyst whci hcaused so much pain one time I couldn’t move and had to be taken the hospital and the pain killers they gave me didn’t even help, but that was found on an ultrasound of my abdomen, so I have no idea about you. Just keep thinking postive thoughts and hope that the damn doctors will find something soon, light a fire under them for a faster effect :)

  9. Lucas Says:

    KETTLE CORN!! You had never tired kettle corn before!! I live and Iowa and that stuff is everywhere, very popular! It’s called kettle corn because when it is REALLY made (not in a factory) it is popped and flavored in a huge 20 to 25 gallon pot/kettle. It’s pretty awesome to watch it being made. It’s the best when it’s fresh from the Kettle! I’d say about once a month a vendor makes and sells it outside of the local wal-mart store. Great show!!! Oh! The videos of Simon are wonderful!


  10. Dwight Says:

    Im with Bob, I tryed the Kettle Corn, not too crazy about it , I like mine with garlic and hot sause, butter , or some spiced salt. maybe its a guy thing?
    Good advise to have a pro look at your stove, I tryed to fix my mothers , and it ended costing me twice as much, and still had to buy a new stove a few months later!

  11. Sheri Says:

    I had a VISA card, and like you I always paid it off every month. Years go by, excellent credit, I made a payment before I received the bill. I went to use it on a small purchase, around $100, and it was declined. Not only was it declined, but they said they had to confiscate it! After calling and ranting and raving, and talking to every level possible, I was informed that overpaying was a sign of fraud. Can you believe that? Oh it was so aggravating, so I can understand perfectly how you felt.

  12. Vivian of CLIP Podcast Says:

    Is Simon mostly coughing at night? Our little guy went through something similar. We felt so bad for him because it kept waking him up and he’d be upset. Cough syrup had the opposite effect on him. It got him totally wired and awake instead of asleep. The doctor suggested getting a really good air humidifier/purifier and keep the temp. between 69-71. We bought a vent air purifier/filter, dropped our temp and it did the trick. Amazing.

    Hope he is better soon.


  13. Cat Says:

    Hey Sheri – that totally sucks – I just don’t get why they are penalizing the ones who are honest!

    Hey Viv! Simon is better now – but his cough was all the time, ended up going to the Dr. and he has nothing, just a virus – so we waited it out, took quite a while, now he just has a runny nose and a bit of a cough – but last night he slept – and stayed in bed the whole night (and got a lollipop as a reward)

    So we are very happy now!

    Thanks for all the support – I think a humidifier would be a good buy.

  14. Sandy Says:

    According to Sandy, who really is a physician (here in the U.S. but I think this info. applies across borders). she’s telling me as I type, in regards to your stomach pain…
    All gall stones are not created equal–some will not show up in an ultrasound. It depends on their calcium content. A test called E.R.C.P. will show any gallbladder obstruction. A medical mnemonic, FFFF=Fat, Fortyish, Fertile, Female=greater risk of gallbladder disease.
    G.E.R.D.=Gastro-esophageal reflux disease ie; heartburn. But what you describe in this show are not typical symptoms of G.E.R.D.

    Let her know… Mark & Sandy

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