CatFish Show # 112 – In a rainy, noisy car

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  • In the car on I-89 in Vermont
  • We’re looking at non-tape/disk based camcorders, any advice?
  • Raining
  • Coffee chat with Beth – the September fan of the month!
  • Vermont talk
  • Champ – The Lake Champlain Monster
  • the CatFish Show Box Set
  • Explaining the CatFish Show
  • Snoring
  • the joys of shower water pressure
  • Overpass collapses on a highway
  • overpass = flyover = ?
  • We are morons
  • Thanks for listening.


7 Responses to “CatFish Show # 112 – In a rainy, noisy car”

  1. Vivian of CLIP Podcast Says:

    Our little guy has been experiencing growing pains every now and again. Apparently it is very common at their age. Do you think this might also be happening to Simon?

    Looking forward to the next show.


  2. Beth B Says:

    To everybody:

    Bob and Cat are really as nice and funny in person as they seem on the Catfish Show. And Bob really does toss out funny lines and Cat really does stop and say “What? What did you just say?” I highly recommend that everybody try to be a Fan of the Month and then meet Cat and Bob in person. You won’t regret it. And if you click on my link on my name, you can view my September FotM certificate.

    Bob: you almost had me convinced for a minute that New Hampshire doesn’t go all the way to the Canadian border. But then I said to myself “Wait a minute, who’s the U. S. citizen here at the table?”

    Thanks again for meeting with me, I truly enjoyed it.

    Beth, September ’06 Fan of the Month

  3. Chris (from down the street) Says:

    Now I’m jealous.

    I’m no longer the only person to have had their Catfish Show Fan of the Month award delivered in person.

    Beth even one-upped me in that she met Bob too. The closest *I* got to Bob was him being in my driveway. =)

  4. Cat Says:

    Yes! But Chris – you got Fudge!!

    And just so others know – you don’t have to win Fan of the Month to meet me – just go to some of the meet-ups I got to, or come to Montreal, Like Geoff did. (Sorry Phil that we never hooked up)

    Thanks for the great comments. :-)


  5. Michael Gallegos Says:

    Shower heads and water pressure.

    New low flow SH restrict the flow of water by having a smaller opening for the water to flow out.

    Use a drill to enlarge or create a new hole to get the exfoliating power from older heads.

  6. Dawn Z(ed) Says:

    From the view point of a kidfree zone:

    I don’t have kids. I don’t even like them. I can’t stand it when people go on and on about their kids. For some strange reason I actually like hearing you talk about Simon. He sounds like he would fit onto my very elite list of kids that are interesting and I would want to give presents to.

    I don’t know if they call all overpasses flyovers here, but in Calgary there is the 4th Avenue flyover. I had no idea what the hell people were talking about until a month later when I finally drove the damn thing.

  7. Cat Says:

    Hey Dawn,

    Before Bob and I had Simon, we totally hated listening to other people talk about their kids. We are actually very sensitive about it when we talk about Simon, cause we know there are people out there like we were.

    I am glad that you enjoy learning about him – he really is a great kid :-)

    Thanks for the comment.


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