CatFish Show # 111 – The show with no notes

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  • More talk on why shows aren’t getting out!
  • our 3 yr olds birthday party and the piniata
  • Bob’s trip to PodCamp
  • An audio comment from CCAccident Hash
  • Next Podcasters Across Borders meet up – part of PodCamp
  • James from PodQuiz sends in a CatFish Show Promo
  • Steve Irwin’s tribute at Australia Zoo
  • Not much else to talk about… news is all bad these days.
  • Check out AndyCast – he did a great Unofficial biography of me!

Thanks for listening.


2 Responses to “CatFish Show # 111 – The show with no notes”

  1. Vivian of CLIP Podcast Says:

    I love the Christmas Tree store! I want one to open close to us!

    On another note, we’ve set up Andy’s old iMac for our little guy as well. It’s amazing isn’t it how quickly these munchkins develop the skills to operate the computer. He can now power up, choose a program to work with … click and double click away… Amazing … what was I doing when I was 3 years old … mostly swinging on monkey bars I think.

    Great to hear your voice(s)!

  2. AndyCast Andy Says:

    Hey Cat,

    Glad you enjoyed the Uninformed Biography. I had originally intended to do you and Bob together, but I thought better of it.

    I agree with Vivian, it’s great to hear your voices again.

    I’ll be at PME and rooming with Bruce. I’ll try and keep his mind off the irreplaceable data lost…maybe I shouldn’t bring that up…too painful…