CatFish Show # 110 – Little Black Book

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  • Soccer final
  • Bob is off to Podcamp for the weekend
  • A Husband’s little black book!!
  • Crocodile Hunter’s video?
  • Fan of the Month!
  • Cell phone throwing
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  • Send in your attempts at a promo for my show.

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11 Responses to “CatFish Show # 110 – Little Black Book”

  1. Michael Gallegos Says:

    Watch Survivor, the race thing won’t last very long. They will get them to 2 tribes and i doubt they will keep them along racial lines.

    after the 4th ep. it will be the same old survivor.

  2. Nico Says:

    Hehe, gotta love your dad. Did you get the “no honey, i didn’t look at her boobs” from the book, Bob? ;)

  3. Lucas Says:

    Hey Cat and Bob! Thanks for the mention in the show!

    About seeing the video of Steve Irwin…I would like to see it because…there was 5 or 6 people who were right there and actually saw what happend. In turn there are 5 or 6 different stories about what exactly happend.

    I was watching a special on MSNBC and one of the Irwin family memebers said that the footage would NEVER be released and its in the posession of law officials. Well, there’s oppinion!

    Great job getting to the final Cat!!!

  4. Chris (from down the street) Says:


    You should join Deb and me to play softball in the mixed non-competitive league next season. It’s alot of fun and it’s a fair bit closer than going to the West Island :)

    I’m not sure that I want to see the Steve Irwin death video. I have an itch to see it but I know that I’d eventually regret it.

    With the way the weather is going around here, we *WILL* have snow by December. It looks like we’re already headed into sub-20C weather.

  5. Charles of Mostly News Says:

    I totally disagree with you Cat about Survivor. I can’t wait to watch it because I suspect that the Whites will come dead last. BTW, have you seen pictures of the “contestants”? It’s a stretch to see some of them as their represented ethicalness.

  6. Charles of Mostly News Says:

    OR you could check out the Armchair Surivor with Micheal Carrino from DMCEx.

  7. Tom of Ten with Tom Says:

    I’ve never really watched survivor, I’ve always thought it was kind of … um … overly hyped and staged. But I don’t find anything offensive in dividing people up by race. It kind of harkens back to the days of old – I can see my ancestor holding up some sort of ancient Anglo spear, fending off the Celts or the Mongolians or the … um … French.
    As it says on the Survivor website, people who criticise the show are doing so without actually having watched it. I think the idea has potential. Simply dividing people into racial groups isn’t offensive in itself, isn’t that what happens in society naturally? I don’t think the key to abolishing racial prejudice is in ignoring “race” as a whole, but rather to celebrate all races and abolish the automatic negativity people have towards certain other races.
    Having said that, I don’t know if I would be completely comfortable sitting at home shouting, “Go Whites!”.
    The crux of the matter for me is that, whereas previously I would have had zero interest in watching Survivor 13, I now have a very mild curiousity in seeing the show.

  8. Tom of Ten with Tom Says:

    What would be more interesting, would be international survivor: US vs. Canada vs. Australia vs. UK.

  9. Beth B (Sept FOTM!) Says:

    Elizabeth??? how formal! Still, call me what ever you want, as long as I’m the winner. Woo hoo! I’m jogging my virtual victory lap here.

    So how do I collect my prize? There is a prize, right?

  10. Amanda Says:

    Hey Cat! I don’t have a show, but my sister and I are working on one together. I have to say, I love your show!!! Sorry I can’t send a postcard, but I live in Germany, and it’s about $1.50 to send one over to Canada… This is the best one I’ve watched so far, though. Also, I have to agree that dividing the Survivor teams by race isn’t a good idea. If one team loses, it will make it seem that that race isn’t as good as the others, even if it really depends on the actual people competing.

  11. Colette Says:

    Hi Cat and Bob. I am a long time listener, first time writer. I just wanted to let you know that we are all still listening, even if you haven’t been putting out a show regularly. I listen to you at work and was very excited today to see that I had a new show of yours to listen to. I find both of you very entertaining and hope that you will continue for a long time! As far as the survivor thing, I never really liked it to begin with . . . and as for the Steve Irwin thing, I don’t think I would want to see the video of him when he died because that is not how I would want to remember him. However, I would have liked to have seen some of the shows that were done in his remembrance. Unfortunately, we also just moved, and apparently we are in the middle of no-where and haven’t had tv for 2 months since we can’t find a good provider and get no signal.
    Colette (from Ohio)

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