CatFish Show # 109 – Diapers and Dragons

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  • We talk about the big storm that came through here, loosing power for almost 3 days
  • Intro from Keith & Heather from I beg to Differ – thanks guys
  • Theft proof carts – thanks Raleigh
  • Soccer – ***We won our Friday game** Final is on Monday :-)
  • Bob does a phone bit
  • I have a rant on Diapers
  • Fan of the Month – a quiz!! – send your answers by e-mail.
  • More postcards read.

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11 Responses to “CatFish Show # 109 – Diapers and Dragons”

  1. Vivian of CLIP Podcast Says:

    Teddy’s Choice…how interesting… Teddy is literally choosing ,for boys and girls, what diapers they should be wearing and implicitly socializing them into boyhood/girlhood. What’s interesting about this is that the store brand originally was portrayed as a way of offering the consumer a generic brand so it is sad to see that a different kind of branding is clearly taking place…ugh…grr…

    It’s amazing really…from the time babies are born they are inducted into boyhood / girlhood. When my little one was born we spent so much time trying to find bed sheets, onesies, booties, etc. that were non-gendered and it blew me away to discover how difficult a task this was.

    Between the diaper incident and your commentary on what society assumes about motherhood ,from a couple of shows ago, you have offered important food for thought…and made me chuckle also!


  2. Chris (from down the street) Says:

    That sure was a freaky storm. It was almost like a scene out of a horror movie. Deb and I were coming home from the IGA and you could see the dark clouds with lightning rolling in. By the time we got within a block of our house, one of our neighbors trees (on their front lawn) had already been blown over.

    When we got home, we opened the garage door by remote so that we could put the car in the garage to empty the groceries but we lost power when the door was only about 80% open. I had to use the release to close the door.

    Fortunately, we only lost power for a little less than 24 hours. Those battery booster packs for cars sure come in handy for powering things like radios and alarm clocks.

    When and where is the soccer game? Deb and I play softball on Sunday nights.

    Those automated telemarketing calls are actually illegal in Canada.

    You can see the regulations for this type of calling at

    under the heading:
    “Automatic Dialing and Announcing Devices (ADADs)”

    We got the same call from the same cleaning service left on our answering machine but I was too lazy to complain to the CRTC as I’ve done in the past.

    Whenever I receive a telemarketing call, I ask the caller if they can hold on a moment. I then gently put the handset down (still leaving it offhook) and go back to doing what I was doing. I check on the phone about 15 minutes later to make sure the caller has given up and then I hang it up. This tends to slow down their calling.

  3. Nico Says:

    I’m looking forward to snow!!! :D

    Thank god the fan of the month quiz is back. My pen is running out of ink.

  4. Sam Says:

    He, hello Cat & Bob :-) I am back from a bicycle trip with my dog.
    And I heard my name in the show …………!
    O I am so prod I am famous………. In complete Canada. :-)

    I am from the Netherlands, Dutch. A small country beside Germany.!4817C17A100A62F1!328.entry

    It is still fun to hear you two guys, have fun whit in the show.
    I have listen to a lot of podcasts lately, but the Catfish Show, is still a favourite show.

    I am learning that it is not as easy, as you two make it sound! Soon I will send a card from Holland.

    By by from Holland, thanks.

  5. kristen Says:

    waz up cat and bob!
    another great show!!
    what was funny was that when i saw the show came in, i literally dropped everything and listened to the show.
    how much of a fangirl am i?
    and do you know what i do with telemarketers,
    i mess with their heads.
    like if someone calls about long distance (which we get all the time)
    i say “yea, my long distance serivice is horrible! im having alot of trouble reaching jupiter and saturn.”
    and then they mubble stupid teens and hang up!!
    oh yea!
    some cool things to do when the power goes out
    make some little cars out of paper and lifesavers, and see who’s can go the farthest
    go on a short walk and look at the storm clouds
    and what i love to do is start like a little cookout in your backyard (weather perrmitting) just make a little campfire and roast weenies and marshmellows!

    cant wait for the next show!
    my orch class has been beging to hear shows more and more often!!!

  6. Michael Gallegos Says:

    I am happy to have Cloth diapers.

    All white and no colors (The Diaper Covers a solid white too)

    Training pants all white, My son still can not hold it through the night, but he can hold it for his Nap. (sometimes)

    Snow??? What is snow? Oh thats right, something you drive to see.

  7. Charles Says:

    Hi Bob and Cat, the beeps were so BEEP BEEP. I BEEP BEEP it. I BEEP BEEP BEEP I also BEEP BEEP BEEP. BEEP!

    About the diapers, I remember boy/girl diapers for my kids when they were little. Supposedly the absorbency chemicals are in different position for each gender. I think they’re are trying to make the diapers look more like boy or girl underwear with all the designs on them. Don’t worry about warping Simon, it won’t and he probably doesn’t care. Charles

  8. Rebekkah Says:

    Yay! New show!

    FYI, a reason a lot of new listeners might not be listening to shows earlier than 98 or so is that that’s as far back as they go in iTunes. I’m a new listener, and I noticed that the mp3 archives link in your sidebar brings me to an empty page, so I went back through the monthly post archives to download older episodes. (Okay, that makes me sound like a stalker who has nothing better to do with her time. But my ipod only talks to the computer about 10% of the time, so when I get it to connect, I like to have a huge repository of podcasts to put on it, to tide me over until I’m lucky enough to get the stupid computer to do what it’s supposed to again.)

    I’d love to win a pen, but I don’t know if I’m going to get through the archives fast enough to win this month’s contest. But I’ve learned how many vertebrae a giraffe has in its neck, so I can’t much complain. :-)

  9. Keith & Heather Says:

    We feel so honoured to have had our meager attempt at a promo played on your show … which was the first Canadian Podcast we found and subscribed to … and which cuased us, okay Keith, to try podcasting … we’ve had fun with those long distance telemarketers by messing with them saying we use Skype … which causes a long pause followed by explaining what Skype is and then telling them that the only people who call our phone are telemarketers who want us to use antiquated technology to talk to people … keep the show going!!


  10. Lucas Says:

    Hey hey hey!!

    We recently had a storm here in Iowa, and a REALLY big tree branch got snappped off and landed smak dab in the middle of my drive way. I had just moved the truck a few minutes before, good thing too, or else the truck would be in very bad shape. Wanna know the weird part? The storm only weakened the tree limb, it fell 2 days after the actual storm. Thought you might enjoy hearing (well, reading) that!

    Viva la catfish show!!!

  11. Marijah Says:

    So, I really found you guys through your birthday wishes to Jim Miles & I’m listening to all your old episodes. Imagine my amusement, as I battle the winter weather here in New York, to hear you discuss in episode 109 how beautiful the weather is and how you hope it cheers someone up who’s listening in the wintertime. Well, that’s me and it certainly did put a smile on my face!!

    And you should have hear MY tirade to my husband about the whole stupid diaper/gender thing the first time I encountered it. And my son wasn’t even old enough to need them yet. It all came rushing back as I listened to you.

    Thanks for the great show – it keeps me smiling!!

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