CatFish Show # 107 – The Potty Show

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  • Welcome back everyone!
  • Went to the Just for Laugh Festival – saw John Pinette
  • Can’t sleep in? What is wrong with me?
  • Toilet training our boy is done! I can’t believe it.
  • A great comment from Lucas (thanks, I needed it)
  • Started Soccer again, I am useless at Throw Ins
  • Who else is turning 3 this year?
  • Who the Heck is Brad? and why doesn’t he listen to my show?
  • New photos up on Flikr

19 Responses to “CatFish Show # 107 – The Potty Show”

  1. Nico Says:

    Just move the TV closer to the wall…


  2. Phil Bowman Says:


    Don’t worry too much about the lack of feedback. See Tartan Mark’s recent post at:

    “It’s an emerging rule of thumb that suggests that if you get a group of 100 people online then one will create content, 10 will “interact” with it (commenting or offering improvements) and the other 89 will just view it.”

    I mostly listen to podcasts when I’m in my car or otherwise not online, so even if I think about responding at the time, I rarely do get round to leaving feedback, even though this is supposed to be one of the benefits of podcasting over traditional radio.

    Do go on podcasting – I love to hear the news from Montreal – looking forward to our annual trip out in September (we have family out there). Enjoy your flickr photos too.


  3. C.C. Says:

    Oh the language on this show! What ever happened to the family friendly chat? *laugh*

    So good to have you guys back. I’m still laughing from “alpha whores….”

  4. Pam Says:

    I have a three year old, too…

    So what are you going to do with all the money you save from not having to buy diapers? Maybe a new car?

    Love the show..


  5. Kris Says:

    So happy to hear your voices! I’ve missed you terribly.

    Sorry about the lack of feedback. For MY part, well, I am contritely apologetic. I would have emailed or commented sooner, but the body cast *just* came off, and I *would* have sent you a postcard, but the trolls stole all my stamps, and my pencil broke. So really, it’s not my fault.

    Congrats on the potty training.

  6. Cathy Says:

    Hi, Cat. I wanted to let you know that I’ve been enjoying your podcast! :)

    And I wanted to share that I’ve also had problems with my kitty in the past. For a while she was quite intent on pooping behind my parents’ couch….(a large sectional, that had to be moved every time she did it). Blech. I tried putting other stinky things back there to keep her away…like cotton balls covered with Vick’s Vaporub. It worked pretty well. lol. My cat’s pretty finicky, and often ‘goes’ other places in the house. When she starts doing that, I just move the box somewhere I think might be more desirable for her. Sigh. If we could only read our cats’ minds, huh??

    Anyway, keep the shows coming! :) -Cathy from Ithaca, NY

  7. Michael Gallegos Says:

    Owen says thanks for the bithday wish

    and I say good luck with soccer.

    Both feet on the ground and Both arms move together. from back of head to the front.

    Man On…..

  8. Charles of Mostly News Says:

    No Mostly News link?!? I guess y’all didn’t like my postcard. :( Charles

  9. Charles of Mostly News Says:

    BTW, listening to the Catfish Show always brightens my Mondays or whatever day I listen to it.

  10. Vivian of CLIP Podcast Says:

    Hey Cat, I was excited to see and listen to #107! You are definitely not boring and I look forward to more…more…more. I think Bruce should do a song for the Catnips!

    For those of us who have kids turning 3 we should do a quasi-broadcast simulcast where we pick a week after our kiddos cross over to 3-year-oldom and focus our shows or part of them on the 3-year-old birthday experience.

    Thank you also for the awesome feedback! As I said on my show you inspired me to cross over from listener to podcaster so you should pat yourself on the back for that!

    I was listening to #107 through headphones and laughing outloud with Andy looking over at me wondering what you were saying to make me laugh…he’d soon figure out I was laughing at your comments about him :-)

    Can’t wait ’till the next show!

    big hugs

  11. Bruce Murray Says:

    A song for the CatNips eh, I’ll see what I can do.

    Hey Cat and Bob it was great to have you along on my vacation. Don’t worry about boring topics. I just love to listen to you guys chat. Always subscribed, always listening.

    Yo, Bob try this one, “Hey you kids! Get out of that Jello tree”

    Talk to ya soon, – Bruce

    PS: If it’s any consolation, Dan Klass broke up with me too :^(

  12. Sam Says:

    He i like it, the pod cast.
    I am from Holland end this was my fist pod cast, that I heart from you two.

    I am cant find the link to “Dan Cast” that you talk about.
    I thought you sad you put in links,….. from what you talk about.  :-)

  13. Cat Says:

    Hey Sam,

    Sorry, I should have specified which podcast was Dan’s – it the Bitterest Pill. The first podcast I linked on the list!

    Thanks for coming to the show. I hope you liked it :-)

  14. Sam Says:

    Thanks I did liked it!
    En I am downloading your shows 98/107

    I am listen when I am biking whit my dog, I speak en hear the languish good.
    But I don’t right it so well, sorry.

    You hef a pleasant voice to listen to…. Its fan to hear you so cheerful speak.
    I am back from my rite en its now 18.30 her.

    By By

  15. Beth B Says:

    I’m still listening in Vermont. I’m just a little behind and catching up now. Congrats to you and Simon! I’m just starting that long road with my little guy. Cows and singing, eh? It’s worth a try.

    Is the cat still pooping behind the TV? Try putting some two sided tape down on the floor in that area. I’ve heard that cats hate that sticky feeling on their paws. After a few months, you can pull it up again.

    Normally, to train my cats to stay away, I use a loaded water gun, but it’s probably not a good idea to mix electronics and water.

  16. Trucker Bill Says:

    Please for the love of GOD, don’t stop Podcasting!

  17. Cat Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Wow, what amazing comments, thank you so much :-)

    I have been wanting to get a show out for the last few days, so much has happened, just finding it hard to do it at night after spending the entire day with a very busy (soon to be) 3 year old!

    At least everyone is getting a chance to catch up!

    Talk to ya soon


  18. kristen Says:

    Waz up everyone!

    Just started listening! w00t!

    And don’t worry about not many people not commenting and not thinking that people arn’t listening, I’ve got my whole orchestra class and most of my friends loving your show!
    Keep up the shows!

  19. Alex Says:

    Hay, Cat

    was listening to #107 through headphones and laughing outloud with Andy looking over at me wondering what you were saying to make me laugh…he’d soon figure out I was laughing at your

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