Oh No, another week to wait!!

Hey Everyone,

Well, getting this show #100 is really not that easy! I am going through tons of shows to try and find the best clips… but I have so many shows…. And now Bob is gone for the week :-(

If you know of a show that had your favourite clip – e-mail me the show # and it would help me find some funny stuff….

If you have left me a comment on this site and haven’t seen it come up from Moderation, you may have to do it again. I am getting about 20 spam comments a day, so I may have missed it (sorry). Lots of Casino and Viagra pills!

Thanks for your patience….

I have posted new photos on my Flikr account if you want to take a look :-)


4 Responses to “Oh No, another week to wait!!”

  1. daryl Says:

    thank god, I spaced on this.

  2. aleezy Says:

    Hi Cat & Bob!

    I’m a new listener from Germany, Europe. Annik Rubens recommended your podcast and the more episodes I am listening to the more I like your show :-) . Hope #100 will soon be online … I’m really excited.


  3. Cat Says:

    Hey Chris,

    Welcome to our part of the world.

  4. Ray Says:

    Congratulations Cat!
    100 shows, did you think it was possible?? Love the show, keep it going.