Trading Dots

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  • Welcome new visitors
  • Check out my Dots – looking for Kiwis
  • Stupid News: Cattle in Alberta, Spoon guy, Olympic stadium
  • My Pods forecast – Give him a listen
  • Have you clicked here?
  • William Shatner’s “I Am Canadian”

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11 Responses to “Trading Dots”

  1. Mindcaster Says:

    sorry to say, podcastalley remembered my ip-address :-( .
    further, when you asked me on Skype I couldn’t recall, but YES, I did have a subscription to mypodsforecast and YES, it’s totally hilarious. And btw: Malta is a souvereign country. ciao!

  2. Jan Says:

    Loved the William Shatner “I am Canadian” bit! LMAO!!

    May I ask, what is a “SAHM”? Maybe I don’t know ’cause I’m American? [grin]

  3. Cat Says:

    Hi Marc, Hi Jan,

    Thanks for listening and laughing!!

    SAHM just means Stay At Home Mom!! It seems to be the only way I can describe myself lately :-)

    It would be great to have other famouse Canadians do the “I Am Canadian” thing.

  4. turnthatfrown Says:

    Love the show. Thought I’d mention, although Malta is quite near Italy, as you said it is in the middle of the Mediterranean and as such, it has been the crossroads of Indo/Afro/European culture as long as it has existed (as it is a crucial military position); the first settlers were probably from what is now Italy and it was conquered by the Roman Empire, but it has also over the past 1200 years been (in order hopefully!) Muslim, Norman, Spanish, French and most recently British. It became completely independent in the 1960s/1970s and now has it’s own Prime Minister. English is spoken but the national language is Maltese which due to all the above rulers is a sort of Romance language but with additional letters in their alphabet which are arabic. Oh, and it’s a great place to come on holiday! (Malta’s not part of Italy, but it has just voted to join the EU)

  5. Mindcaster Says:

    I had the pleasure of going to Malta once, stayed at a friend’s place near St Paul’s Bay. Loved to drive the scooter (honda), although it got a little freaky at night sometimes..or was that just me being too relaxed after timpana and wine ;-)

  6. Andy Says:

    Truth be told I am quivering in fear of Bob’s mighty enourmous arms, that is why I am constantly attacking and retreating.

    Cat I sent you an email.

  7. Andy Says:

    Just to clairify, I think I was the first listener. You were the #2 show on the 10 newest podcasts over at Podcast Alley when I first started listening.

  8. Cat Says:

    Hi Turnthatfrown;

    Thanks for all that info on Malta, what a great place – and of course, thanks Marc, you seem to have been everywhere!

    Andy, Andy, what can I say, we missed you. Thanks for the e-mail, working on the best possible answer to your question :-)

    Turnthatfrown – are you the one from Malta??

    thanks for listening


  9. Jonathan McKinnell Says:

    Hi Cat! This is Jon from Candian Perspective

    Anyway I listened to your last few podcasts today and they were halarious. Great job. oh and by the way the word you were looking for was Busker I beleive (aka Street performer) Well good stuff and I’ll defently keep listening. and yes the William Shatner bit was amazing.

    ciao for now…eh..

  10. Jonathan McKinnell Says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  11. Jan Says:

    Hi Cat,
    This is Jan from the States again (I’m from the Washington DC area to be a bit more specific :) .

    Sorry I haven’t had a chance to post again to your blog, but I did hear your response to my question about SAHMs on your podcast. Thanks for the explanation! That’s a new acronym to me!! LOL!

    I do understand about you having a bit of a sense of isolation as a SAHM. I was a SAHM too when my kids were small (they’re in their 30s now). I stayed with them full-time until they were both in school all day, then I started working part-time and gradually increased my hours as they got older. It worked out well for them and me, but gosh we were poor in those days!! And I sure did long to have more adult conversation and contact than what I was able to do in those days. Seemed like Phil Donohue was about all that kept my brain alive! LOL! You know there’s only just so much you can discuss with a two-year-old, and how interesting is it to discuss the latest floor cleaner with your neighbors? I think your podcast is a great idea to keep your brain active! :)

    I worked for the school system when I went back to work so that I could be home with the kids during their vacations, but have been working full-time at a “regular” (8 hour, all year) job for many years now. I sure do miss having summers and spring and winter vacations off! So enjoy your time away from slaving in the salt mines while you can! (And be thankful that you can spend these precious early years with your kids and be the one to instill your values in them! It’s worth it!)

    Keep up the great work with your podcast! I really enjoy the rapport that you and your hubby have. It really sounds like you two have a great relationship and really enjoy talking to each other! Believe it or not, I don’t think all couples are like that! You’re very lucky!

    Best wishes to you both and to your podcast!

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