show # 99 – Almost there!

Today’s show – MP3 or RSS Feed – 30 mins

  • We are back home! and happy to be back on My Mac
  • Egg Hunt winner will be announced on Show #100
  • Are you coming to Podcasters Across Borders ?
  • Lots of Postcards read – and some not (waiting for show #100)
  • Name that Fish – our new baby fish is now called Reggie, thanks for all the votes
  • Go to iTunes Music store and leave a comment on my show!
  • Send me audio comments or e-mails for show # 100 this weekend.

Thanks for listening


6 Responses to “show # 99 – Almost there!”

  1. Nico Says:

    Here’s a photo of a Havanna alfajor. They’re *good*, aren’t they??

    Good to have the CatFish show back : i missed it.

  2. C.C. Chapman Says:

    Good to have you guys back and it sounds like you had an awesome trip which is well deserved. PSYCHED to finally meet you guys in June! It’s going to be an awesome time.

  3. Michael Gallegos Says:

    Gald your back, you were missed.

    Did any filthy Rude american make a mistake and call you “Sir”?

  4. Michael Gallegos Says:

    Do not eat anything on the show…. The ‘mmm and the oh this is great’, is worse than someone trying to describe something with their hands (hands we can not see)

    Thank you

    Toe fungus medicine, messes with your kidneys. So some times the fungus is safer to have then taking the drugs to try and get rid of the fungus.

  5. Edward Says:

    Hey Cat, and Bob. It’s Edward, from the 5 Mac Tips Podcast. Great show. I can’t wait for show number 100! Whenever a podcast I listen to is about to reach show #100, I get really excited. Anyway, have a good day.

  6. Wes Says:

    I loved it. I can’t wait for the big 100! wow! I wonder if my hundreth bithday will be this big?