Show # 97 – The guest show

Today’s show – MP3 or RSS feed – 24 mins

  • New Mixer – thanks to everyone who supported us.
  • We sold our house – amazing
  • A guest reader of postcards
  • Crazy news from Canada
  • Hello to all the newbies
  • Name the fish poll is up – on the right side
  • Check out the PodcastLogo winner
  • Would you like a Box set of the CatFish Show?
  • Easter Egg Hunt – visit other Rogic shows

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6 Responses to “Show # 97 – The guest show”

  1. Nico Says:

    Aw boo! Had i known show 100 would be in Florida i would have given the postcards to your parents.

  2. Holger (MacManiac) Says:

    Hey Cat!
    Congratulations for your new mixer! The quality’s been really good, well, even better than it already was! :) What kinda mixer did you get?

    You’re somewhat lucky. Got that house sould and 100. show in Florida… WOW! Wised I could be there (in Florida)… winter’s about to leave here in the austrian mountians but we still got about 75cm of snow and no springflowers yet, of course…

    This podcaster-logo thing is great! I also sell them (without me getting money for) in my webshop at There’s actually also a foto what a button with this logo actually looks like! I like it, got it already on all bags :)

    And what kinda question is that – OF COURSE everybody would love a CatFish Show Box set :D

    Wishin’ you guys a great time in Florida!


  3. Phil B Says:

    Isn’t it Babel Fish not Bable? Anyway, *I* think it should be called Dog…

    Looking forward to show 100 – have a great time in Florida!


  4. Christine Says:

    Hi, Cat (and Bob and Simon). Wow, I certainly didn’t expect to hear me mentioned in the show! Yes, Sister Christer is really just a nickname my brother gave me after I became a sister. My name is really Christine. (or Sister Christine) (whatever). I do love your show. I enjoy the humor, the banter, the Canadian news and interesting bits… I have a very good friend who is Canadian and we often talk about our differences, and really, we are much the same… And, honestly, I’ve always thought of myself as a closet Canadian. I do have relatives in the Windsor, Ontario… does that count for anything? Blessings and good moving energy! Christine

  5. Bob Says:

    How about “Adam Curry”… Haha! I couldn’t resist.

    Purely in love,

  6. wes Says:

    Hey Hey Hey. How are you? I’ve got a great idea. The conglomerate Should a podcast every now and then That would be cool. I know I would get it. Anyway its just a thought. I loved the episode.