Show # 96 – Name the Fish show

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  • Simon fell down the stairs – hospital stay
  • Sold the pool table – Bob wants a new toy now
  • House on the Market
  • Postcards and Mexican Cocoa, thanks Charles
  • Podcasters Across Borders
  • Geoff puts out the challenge
  • Nico knows more about my Family than me
  • New member to the family see photos
  • Shoutout to some new listeners – Woo Hoo!!
  • New outro from Dave “Chicken” brother of Ten with Tom

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9 Responses to “Show # 96 – Name the Fish show”

  1. C.C. Chapman Says:

    Don’t you kind of have to name the new family member “Cat”? *grin*

  2. DJ Max Says:

    Since the obvious answer has already been suggested, my suggestion for a fish name would be Sushi. Then Bruce could send in an audio file singing “If you knew Sushi like I knew Sushi….”

  3. Cat Says:

    That’s a good one DJ,

    I can just hear Bruce now!! :-)

  4. Michael Gallegos Says:

    I was worried about Simon, till I heard bob joking about it during the story, I am glad he is OKAY.

    Good luck with the spacious packing

  5. Meily Says:

    Hey there. Thanks for mentioning me but you said my name wrong. It’s Meily not Melly (pronounced like Smiley but without the S). But it was close, so it doesn’t really matter :) )
    Why don’t people finally get over Germany and David Hasselhoff? That was like in the early 90s mwhahaha. It’s funny because my friend who went to California last year got asked that many times too…

    Anyway, as for the name. The only name I could think of was FishFish because it’s not Fish, it’s a real fish… so fishfish. STUPID! I never named any of my fish though…

  6. Cat Says:

    Hey Meily

    I am so sorry about mis-saying your name, I totally did not notice the “i” , I thought it was 2 “L”s – thanks for correcting me.

  7. Karen Says:

    My stomach did a flip when you started telling your Simon story. Thank goodness he is ok. I can only imagine how worried and stressed you two must have been. Yikes! Poor little pumpkin pie.

  8. Dave, Heather & Sam Says:

    We were relieved to hear that Simon is alright. We freaked when you mentioned how he fell down 12 stairs! That’s horrible.

    I think we’ll have to build a wall around our stairs, now that Sam is mobile (kinda).

    Great show kids. Keep up the good work!

    Dave, Heather and Sam.
    Two Boobs and a Baby

  9. MacManiac Says:

    Yeah, I’m really also so glad to hear that your little one is well!!

    Hey, concerning the new outtro… I liked bruces much much more! It fits your show so much better – sorry for the guys who did the new one, it’s been surely much work.