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7 Responses to “Show # 95 – the Tim Horton show”

  1. Christine Says:

    A few thoughts regarding Bob’s comments…

    While obviously judement of an actor’s talent is a subjective thing, I have to wonder if Bob has seen any of Christopher Reeve’s “non superman” works? I personally favor a little known movie called “Deathtrap”, which I think shows a little more depth of talent from Mr. Reeve than “Superman” does. It isn’t perfect or even great, but it’s very entertaining in my opinion. Please remember that things such as scripting and directing can make a huge difference in an actor’s performance.

    Regarding Mrs. Reeve’s death being news or not, I have to say that I think it is from the standpoint that a significant number of people care about the issue. Aside from her own singing and acting credits, she was also quite active in advocating stem cell research and the rights of the disabled. Maybe will help Bob understand why some people consider her passing news worthy?

  2. Holger (MacManiac) Says:

    Mostly it’s all the time the same why people are interested in Stars and Starlets and rarely it’s because they really care (speaking generally). It’s the thing why people watch boulevard-magazines (does this word exist in English too??!), it’s just to have a glimpse on the life of some “famous” people, being good news or bad, without having a real relation to the stars or those who believe to be one.

    However, never heard of that coffee-shop you mentioned, this canadian one. But I’d die for Starbucks Caramel Apple bar! It tasts sooo good! YUMM! :D

  3. Sam Abuelsamid Says:

    Another great show. First I have to agree wholheartedly with Bob that although the last 10 years of Dana Reeve’s life have been tragic, so have the lives of countless other people. This is news only because we have all these 24 hour news channels, that have a lot of airtime to fill. Back in the good old days, when there was typically only a evening and late night newscast, news directors only had to fill airtime with “real” news and then pre-empt whatever was on the air when it was deemed important enough.

    Next , I grew up in Canada and my sister and parents still live there. I live in the US now and we desperately need a Tommy Douglas here, to counteract the likes of Pat Robertson and George Bush.

    I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario a few blocks from the original Tim Hortons store on Ottawa street. I remember going over to get chocolate eclaires and apple fritters. This was back before most non-jewish people in Canada had ever even heard of bagels and Lattes. Ah those were the days.

    Alberta proves yet again that they are not really part of Canada but rather they are a subsidiary of Texas. After all they also brought Canada Preston Manning and Stockwell Day (what kind of name is that anyway?) and Stephen Harper? And of course who could forget Joe Clark (Joe Who?)

    The only thing that roller coaster kid should get is a Darwin Award for demonstrating natural selection in action.

    Finally, I don’t know if you guys saw Big Love, last night but my wife and I watched it after the sopranos and I was quite impressed, nto as impressed as I was with Bob’s last commercial, but it was good nonetheless. So far it has all the usual hbo series hallmarks, rich characters, interesting complex story linesand great performances. Keep up the great work

  4. Michael Gallegos Says:

    Bob, in the US we are obsessed with famous people. I can not figure it out, but we are.

    Reeves was a poster boy for stemcell research because the Prez does not want to fund it. So his wife was the only one who could hear his words, or Touch him. So she became famous for having an ear, and being able to touch her husband.

    Plus, the cruel joke was Superman broke his neck

    She was news because of her Braverey, for not leaving her husband in the worse times of her relationship. Go figure.

    9 BUCKS FOR COFFEE? They saw you coming.

  5. Chris (from down the street) Says:

    That last ad was hilarious!

    I *STILL* would’ve liked to hear it with a Quebecois accent…but maybe I would’ve been the only one laughing :-S

    I wonder how much a Tim Horton’s coffee will be in Kandahar.

  6. daryl Says:

    Yo SAM YOUR JUDGING ALBERTA ON THE ACTION OF A COUPLE OF REDNECK IDIOTS? Oh wait, ya that actually fair, sorry lost my head.

    I was going to do a new segment devoted just to tim hortons “sigh”

  7. Stefan Says:

    A couple of years ago I was on an island in the middle of the Mekong river in Laos (i.e. in the middle of nowhere) and there was a place that had “Tim Hortons coffee” on the menu. I wouldn’t have noticed it as I had never heard of it before that but I was there with two Canadians who couldn’t stop laughing. They were convinced that the owner must have been Canadian.