Oh My God – It happened AGAIN!

Ok, its Wednesday – and Simon is with Grandmaman so I can start packing up this house….

So I went to a moving company to buy some boxes – I don’t have time to go to the liquor stores to try to get enough good boxes…blah blah

So I show up at the moving companies warehouse.. and some guy down the hallway, beside a big moving truck in the garage says “Oui Monsieur, on peut vous aidé”…….

Oh my God!

He quickly corrected himself – like the others before him…

So I straight out asked him what is was that made me look like a man to him – he says it was my sunglasses on my head and my hair pulled back!


Poor guy, I kinda laid it on him a bit telling him that he was the 5th person to call me a Man!! so he appologized again and again, then went back down the hallway cause someone else came to see what I wanted.

Ok, so I don’t look pretty right now, I am preparing to pack boxes, my hair is not all fluffed up ready for a night out, my nails aren’t done and my clothes are made for warmth, not sex! and I am not wearing any make-up, I rarely do anyway……

Well I just had to vent – thought you would all enjoy how my day has started!!

Off to pack.


5 Responses to “Oh My God – It happened AGAIN!”

  1. MacManiac Says:

    Damn, that sucks! Hey, maybe you should try to wear something a man never would wear! LOL. A pink scarf or such?!

  2. Michael Gallegos Says:

    How about a girly coat, something in a pastel color

  3. Trucker Bill Says:

    Don’t Worry about it! I think you are thinking about it to much, I have seen your Pic, and you don’t even come close to looking like a man!!

    The problem must be the french are BLIND. ( But not Bob ) or A.J

  4. Andrew Says:

    Ouch! sorry!

    My dear wife used to cut her hair very very short, much shorter than mine. Then one day I was out with friends and a guy walked over and said “Who’s this young man you have with you?”

    Ever since that day she’s been growing her hair out. =)

  5. Morrie Says:

    Everytime I get on a bus and say “Thanks Mate” without looking directly at the driver and then look up from the change or ticket machine and realise I’m talking to a woman I feel about 6 inches tall, blurt our “sorry ma’am” and slink to my seat, I know how how that poor guy must have felt. Still, you were right to assert your displeasure.