Show #94 – the Angry Bob show

Today’s show: MP3 or RSS feed – 24 mins

  • We talk about all the feedback from last week’s show
  • We talked about the ad Big Love and Polygamy (sorry, had to put that)
  • More postcards read (Yay)
  • Fortune cookies (yum yum)
  • Bob rants on his trip to Georgia and comments in the Forum
  • I was featured on the Canadian Podcast Buffet – #13 (finally)
  • We are buying a new house…
  • Fan of the month sends in his audio comment
  • Brush your teeth at 8 O’clock and you won’t snack all night!
  • Shelly has to explain Extra Super CatFish Show to her husband :-)

Thanks for listening


23 Responses to “Show #94 – the Angry Bob show”

  1. Charles Says:

    I hope you sexy, I mean sore voice gets better soon (sorry Bob, don’t mean to make you mad). :) Does PayPal really take half!?! I need to up my pledge then. Charles

  2. Chris (from down the street) Says:

    I’d like to hear Bob try to put on a Quebec-French accent rather than the France-French accent when he does his promo for “Big Love” :)

  3. Holger (MacManiac) Says:

    Naw, Paypal doesn’t take the half but plenty though :-/ To much if you as me, however…

    Poor you, hope you’ll get better soon! Try some ribrothoney sirup!! That works amazingly good against coughing and such!!

    If you got iLife ’06 on your Mac you have to try those now calendar-function!!! That’s sooo cool! You should do a canadian-winter-simon calendar!! And no, I’m not sponsored by Apple (although I should be ;) LOL)

    Greets from Austria,

  4. Holger (MacManiac) Says:

    Btw. did you know that fortuntecookies originally come from Japan? Everybody thinks they come from China but they don’t! (Well, they’re produced there, in big quantities). Also it’s funny that the texts you find inside the cookies differs from country to country! Japanese cookies for example have much more “business-like” texts inside whereas European and I believe Canadian cookies as well have texts focussed more on luck and health and such.

    You know, Chinese people mostly don’t even know what fortunecookies are! LOL

  5. C.C. Says:

    It seems that EVERY podcaster who ever gets any form of sponsorship goes through this. Welcome to the club. It sucks BIG time, but it happens every time and I just don’t get it.

    Get better soon Cat. You sounded horrible and being sick sucks on the worse level. And then to hear that Simon has the same thing? Yuck!!!

  6. Rob from Halifax Says:

    Congrads on buying a new house guys!!
    Good luck selling yours. If you want tips on house selling, check out the show BuyMe on HGTV. Its an interesting look at realistate and selling tips.

    Also I don’t mind the ads. You guys deliver us free content so I have no problems with your guys putting ads in. I especially like the personal touch from your adds compared to that anoying Earthlink add. I swear everytime I hear it in a podcast I just want to scream.

    Keep doing what your doing,

  7. Diane Says:

    It was I who discussed the integrity question.

    I made the comparison that it’s a bit like a friend recommending something to you because they’re being paid for it.

    BUT I SPECIFICALLY SAID THAT I WAS NOT QUESTIONING YOUR INTEGRITY, and I think if you had a problem with my comment, Bob, you could have mentioned it privately or on the forum instead of discussing it on the show without even re-reading the comment. I took a lot of time to consider the question about ads, and give you a response, as requested. I’m sorry it wasn’t what you wanted but you were too harsh about me.

    Here’s what I said:

    “If you’re paid to talk about anything, even if you like it, it takes away your objectivity and a smidge of integrity– or it SEEMS that way I think. I’m not saying Cat & Bob don’t have integrity…”

    I was trying, perhaps not very well, to get across the point that ads take away some of your objectivity- some of what you say is tempered by commercial interests. I didn’t just mean you, I meant anyone in that situation.

    Now, what I tried to get across was that it may SEEM to people who don’t know you (or any other podcaster, not just you guys) that advertising takes something away from the integrity of the show, as it’s no longer just entertainment.
    I was initially incredibly pleased that you were so open-minded about asking our opinions, I thought a free and fair debate was allowed. Now I’m just upset.

    Maybe I was misguided in saying what i did, I certainly didn’t mean you don’t have integrity, but I felt that you were putting words into my mouth on this show, and it made me not want to listen anymore.

    Coming after the show where you embarrassed and upset me hugely by criticising my father, I’m not sure I want to stay subscribed.

    No matter what I’ve said on the forums, I’ve always acted out of respect and thought of you both as very nice people but I don’t feel that I have been afforded the same respect today.

  8. Diane Says:

    Ps: I don’t like ads on podcasts! I have that right.

  9. FOTM Chris Says:

    Interestingly enough, HGTV’s “Buy Me” shoots most of its episodes in the Montreal area.

  10. Michael Gallegos Says:

    Bob, “Midget” is an insult. They prefer “Little People” I would remove Midget from your vocabulary.

  11. Andy Bilodeau Says:

    Diane, you may have the right to not like the advertising, but you also have the responsibility to be more careful in the choice of words you use. Using money and integrity in any context can only lead to bad things.

    Cat and Bob, I think the ads are tasteful and are totally “you”. Bob, you need to work on the French h’accent… you speak english too well… ;-)

    Cat, hope you get better soon!

  12. Bob Says:

    Diane – I’m sorry my comments have upset you, but I stand by what I said. Go back and listen to what I said – first of all, the reason I didn’t SPECIFICALLY mention you, is that my comments weren’t a reaction to just what YOU said – We received other emails too. And as far as mentioning it privately to you, you posted your opinions to a public space, why can’t I be afforded the same opportunity?

    And as far as I”m concerned, saying that something is SEEMING to take away someone’s integrity is pretty much saying it, but in a candy-covered way.. (ie: I was just saying you SEEM to be a jerk Bob, I never said you WERE a jerk)..

    I do welcome all the comments, both positive and negative. Some of the negative comments have been very constructive, and some not as much. That’s ok – I’m glad people want to share their opinions with us.

    I welcome a free debate too – which means Diane, that we can disagree on this without needing to disrespect one another. Don’t equate reaction to an opinion as a reaction to a person.

  13. daryl and kuma Says:

    I have different opinion from Dianne. And here is why. Your show, and a lot of others are worth at least 5$ a month, but that means I would be spending at least 500$ per month. I also can’t afford to pay 2.50$ per tv show on itunes. (not that canadians can anyway) But I can afford a few minutes to listen to an ad, or watch it on tv. Advertising makes entertainment worthwhile for the producer and accessible to the listener. Guys, I would really rather hear a couple of ads then to have you podfade. There comes a time when you may not be able to pay for your own success.

  14. Sammantha Says:

    Hey Cat and Bob. Another great show! Congrats on your big news and good luck with that packing. Hope you feel better soon, Cat. My cat is sick too. :( A bad case of sinusitus just like here Mama. Anyway, great show and looking forward to the next already.

  15. Michael G Says:

    I do not think anyone would of thought about money off of podcasting with out AdamCurry and his quest for money. I think everyone thought it was a cool hobby and something to do and meet some cool people along the way.

    Even Old radio people just thought it was a way to get back behind the mic.

    AC talking about money and starting podshow forced other into thinking they deserved a piece of the pie.

    Ads do not change podcasters, and selling out will not happen in this medium. I think Ads take something away from the podcast. The spontenaity (sp) is sort of lost when an ad is now played, read or talked about. There is a sense of obligation to the advertiser to “do good”, and that takes away from the ‘realness’ of the podcaster. Ads will be part of this medium, i am sorry to say

    and my rambling thought above might make more sense if I had time to explain them clearer, but I hope you get the Jist/gist.

  16. daryl Says:

    Is playing an ad any different from playing a promo? I also think most had money as a hope in the back there mind.

    I don’t see how an ad make it less “real” maybe if real was define. I do agree that there won’t be any selling out, because there is no one to sell out to.

  17. Nico Says:

    If Cat and Bob see the show and don’t like it, they CAN say “we didn’t like the show”, even if they were still playing the ads. As long as the advertisers don’t regulate content, and it’s done in a personal way, i’m all for it.

    Hey Bob, if you don’t want that $400 Delta voucher, send it my way. I could use it ;)

    I was picking up the smelly puppy poo and it remined me of the Poopie show (no, not because it stinks…), so i had to come and share it with all the CFS fans.

    I gotta go to bed. I’m up late uploading episode #2 of my Videocast (how’s that for an ad…)

  18. Diane Says:

    actually Bob you said the ONLY comment that p*ssed you off was mine.

    I think I made a lot of other good points in my first post on the forum which I hope you at least looked at, even if you didn’t agree with- I made the point that I would have continued listening to Catfish show even though I’d prefer ad-free podcasts. I do have the same opinion as you, Daryl- I couldn’t afford to donate to my favourite podcasts so if ads are a necessary evil, so be it. But I also agree with Michael that they take away some spontaneity and do change the podcast. When I started listening, all my favourite podcasts decried the commercial, adam curry podcasting model, now i feel most of them will eventually go that way, even if only A LITTLE which of course is their right, and may be necessary for financial survival— but it doesn’t mean all listeners will necessarily enjoy that. I guess I don’t like change! I thought the CFS was damn near perfect before.

    to be clear:
    I didn’t say ads SEEM to take away YOUR integrity! I was making a general point about advertising and objectivity. I am sorry I didn’t phrase it better but I think you could have asked for clarification before jumping to the conclusion that I’m attacking you guys or the show. It’s really hurtful that I wasn’t given the benefit of the doubt.

    I was really just ‘thinking aloud’, which is why I thought if you wanted confirmation of my opinion, you could easily have asked.
    I felt you just assumed the worst of me when I’ve always been a big supporter of the show.

    Yes, Andy, I may have the responsibility to use words better, (especially as I studied English at university!) but I’m not giving testimony- i thought it was just a friendly discussion in which any misunderstandings could be resolved without becoming a large part of the next podcasts’ content.

    I discussed my points of view in a public forum yes Bob, but you did not respond to my comments there. We don’t all have a podcast in which to be sarcastic about loyal listeners’ opinions.

    Maybe I’d feel less disrespected as a person if you had discussed my views without making fun of them. I put a lot of thought into the issue and was one of the first to respond. I didn’t really get the impression that I’m a valued listener. In a previous podcast month ago, you made a lot of rather unpleasant comments about my family set-up, so I guess the impression of disrespect is cumulative.

    For a 2-week ad slot things have really got out of proportion.

  19. Andy Bilodeau Says:

    For a 2-week ad slot things have really got out of proportion.

    There’s the understatement of the century!

  20. Diane Says:


  21. John S Says:

    8.02pm. Blackpool, (Mr Sherry isn’t the only one out there…Fan of the Month, Ha!)

    (Didn’t brush teeth in time, so am condemned to eat chocolate bar)

    Am I alone in being terrified, as was baby Cat, by the appearance of Mad, Bad Bob on this week’s show?!.

    Robert, do you not realise the strain this woman is under, constant worries about being vomited on by your child, are the Cats OK, is she using the right litter, is it Purina, or hs she been getting it wrong all this time?.

    As if this wasn’t enough, she now has the transgender issue to contend with, is she a man or not?. I sympathise on this one Cat, speaking as a
    46 Yr old male who finds it far more relaxing of an evening to slip into a pink negligee than a pair of pyjamas…

    But please, do not use MacDonalds as your fall guy! If you want to go out on the town as a male, do it with a song in your heart, get in touch with your inner man!.

    I would continue, but some nice gentlemen in white coats have just arrived.

    Keep up the good work on your show, and try to sing the supercatfishshow song to the tune of supercalifragilistic. It’s made me the woman I am today!.

  22. Jason Says:

    Taking advertising does not take your integrity, but it does mean your are somewhat beholden to the advertiser. All shows that take advertising know this. This is why advertising on podcasts will not take off, because advertisers cannot control the content as easily.

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