Show # 93 – The Poopie show

Today’s show – MP3 or RSS feed – 20 mins

  • A little song from Bob :-)
  • More news about the lost dog
  • Extra Super Catfish Show tune – do you sing it when you hear the music?
  • More postcards – check out the Flikr account
  • Check out Mark’s new show: Growing Enthusiasm.
  • Polygamist judge removed from bench in Utah
  • Simon threw up on me!! yuck
  • New comment on Frappr – honesty!
  • Fortune cookies
  • Tell us what you think of the Ads. HBO Big Love

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26 Responses to “Show # 93 – The Poopie show”

  1. Chris Says:

    Congratulations on the sponsorship guys.
    I would definitely sing extra super catfish show if I heard the can can music elsewhere.

  2. Charles Says:

    Not offended by the ads. Though the ads were well done. Though I do have a question, what is AshBO? Is that the Canadian version of HBO? :) BTW, speaking as a weak stomach person you never get over it. Cat, while Bob is away call Mark or Bruce or somebody else with an iRiver and have them tape the show. And yes the kids and I dance around and sing the Extra Super Catfish Show all the time.

  3. Cat Says:

    Thanks Chris and Charles – its a new undertaking and really want to know what people – honestly – think (feel).

    Hey Charles, Mark or Bruce lilve pretty far away to be able to do the show – and since it usally Bob that is here and me away – he has the set up on his computer and stuff – but its ok, he has set me up on my Mac with a mic and we just need to find time together when he is not working, and he can record it :-) I just hope he is not working all day and all night!!

    Thanks for the comments

  4. MacManiac Says:

    Great show, as allways. And nope, not offended by the ads, although, as Charles said, it’s been well done :)
    Damn, yeah, can’t stop singing that tune once your show ends! If I don’t get quickly new music in my ears I would’ve to sing that stuff all night long :D

    Guess what: I’ve never even SEEN a fortunecookie in reality!

  5. Cat Says:


    Never seen a real Fortune cookie?? Does that mean you don’t have Chinese food either?

    I should send you some :-)

  6. Michael Gallegos Says:

    I will sing the song on more than one occasion during the day.

    Th ad was fine except I was distracted by the guitar music. So i never really heard what was said. Maybe because Bob was talking and I think the show belongs to you (Cat). Maybe since it is your show, you do the ads.

    You can only be called a sell out if you abandoned your core principles to appease the people giving you money. I doubt that will happen.

  7. Cat Says:

    Michael, Distracted by guitar music? ok!!

    Hey have a look at the Forums – lots of action in the Advertising thread.

  8. Michael Gallegos Says:

    I wil check that out

    What did you mean, you do Not bring Food into the house after 8pm? Is it in a different location than the house?

  9. Cat Says:

    Hehehe – I think I need to listen to the show again!!

    What I meant was – no snacking after 8pm (nothing…..)

    but also, I don’t buy junk food anymore – no chips, no chocolate, no junk!! so we are not tempted – cause we both have such low Will power, that if we got munchie, we would eat any junk there was – with none around – we are not as tempted!! Bob will not eat an apple instead – just not eat – and especially after 8pm!!

    Does that make sense?

  10. Nico Says:

    I’ve never seen a fortune cookie either.

  11. Cat Says:

    OK, I find that very (Very) strange!

    So what kind of food do you eat – that is foreign?

    well I have a new poll up now on Fortune Cookies! Go put your vote in!

  12. Melanie Sullivan Says:

    The no snacking after 8pm actually does work, except on those late nights where you don’t even get to have supper/dinner till then! One thing I find a great help is to brush my teeth at the “cut off point”. IE if I brush my teeth at 8pm I’m way less likely to snack on something after 8pm :)

  13. Shelly Says:

    As others have said, the ad isn’t anoying, because it’s well-done and pretty low-key. And I’m sure that most of your listeners are just happy for podcasters who succeed in making a few bucks. We’ll see how long that lasts :-)

    My husband does not listen to podcasts. But I had to explain and play “Extra Super Catfish Show” for him so that he would understand why I sang along/added my own words to the tune when we heard it.

  14. Chris (from down the street) Says:

    We sing the “Extra Super Catfish Show” theme all the time.

    I don’t mind the ad but I find it strange that you’re advertising for an HBO series when we can’t (legally) get HBO in Canada.

    Us Canadian listeners are probably enormously outnumbered.

    I wouldn’t call fortune cookies “foreign food”. Well…I suppose they’re foreign in that they originate from the US :)

  15. daryl Says:

    Yo, guys nicely done. you took a commercial and made it part of your content. And it worked (note to sponsers) I had never heard of this show but I will be watching for it when it hits DVD. (I think we can get Ashbo here but we don’t go for that fancy tv) I am a huge Mormon history fan. As for polygamy, it is alive and thriving in the west. Mostly southern BC and parts of Alberta. I don’t get it, who needs more one person telling you to put down the toilet seat?

  16. MacManiac Says:

    Naaaw, sure we have much different foreign food! All kinds off, but fortune cookies are just not popular here if you have dinner at an asian restaurant for example. You’ll get some of this sweet plum wine afterwards and that’s it!

    Fortuntecookies are only known from TVShows from overseas – well, as far as I know. Hmm and I love asian food and been to many different restaurants but never seen one here in reality. LOL

    That thing with no food after 8pm is a good idea! Thought of that many times too but I simply can’t do it… when I’m hungry at 11pm before goin’ to bed I’m sooo disgrunteled! Can’t sleep and so… but I’ve had a nice meal yesterday at 11pm. Some wholemeal (is that really the right word???) toasts, some celery stalks and some creamcheese (4% fat) with herbs. Tasted great, had almost no calories and I wasn’t hungry when goin’ to bed :D

    Would also fit good to the can can song: “Extra super low-fat food”, what do you think? ROTFL

  17. MacManiac Says:

    Btw. where can I download your older shows? Not sure where I started but, you know, would love to listen to the catfishshows beginnings!

  18. Mark Says:

    Hey guys!

    I loved the ad for one reason, and one reason only. You guys did it your way. It totally fit your style and format and all of that other stuff. Now, I’ve only heard the ad at the beginning so I don’t know if you bombed at the end or not.

    Anyway, if that’s the way you are going to do your ads, I have no objections.


  19. C.C. Chapman Says:

    Congrats on the sponsorship. I think it’s great and I’m psyched that HBO allowed you guys to do your own thing with it which is so much more powerful then an over produced 30 second spot.

  20. Ole Says:

    Hi, Im still listening to the show ;) and I really like your show.
    I heard your promo on Accident Hash 117.

    Is it true that you didn’t know about the Faroe Islands?

    the Frappr guy.

  21. Dave Boob Says:

    Loving the show guys. I’ve just added a link to our site.
    We’re still learning about poos, but we’ve seen some wild stuff in the last 4 months. Everything from black “Guinness” poos (no, we did NOT feed him Guinness), green puddy poos, brown poos, orange poos, and most recently a blue Playdoh poo. It’s a rainbow of poo in our place!

    It doesn’t really gross me out too much, thought the smell can get quite daunting from time to time!

    By the way, if you can get a buck from your show, why the hell not. As long as you’re not filling your show with ads, then it’s cool. If you fill the show with ads, you may as well be listening to radio – right?

    Just do yourselves the favour of NEVER CHARGING FOR YOUR SHOW – I’m interested to see what happens to Mr. Ricky Gervais and his colleagues after they started that. It’s simply NOT cool.

    Dave Boob
    Two Boobs and a Baby

  22. Geoff Says:

    I don’t have a problem with the ads at all. Why shouldn’t you get a little help to cover costs? It is not like you are making a profit out of this but who cares if you were anyway? It is recognition of the quality of your show that sponsors are willing to place ads on your show.

  23. Phil Bowman Says:

    Your ad’s far better than the Earthlink one. Good on you if you can get some money coming in.

  24. Nico Says:

    I just finished picking up some poo from my new puppy. It’s amazing how something so small can smell so bad…

  25. Diane Says:

    it’s good that you share these things Nico ;)

    and this is why I have cats, LOL! x

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