Solving Andy’s problem

Today’s show: MP3 or RSS – 13 min.

  • Malta Rules
  • Coronation Street update - Thanks Nick
  • Andy’s problem: after being on a cruise for a week, he can’t get the rocking feeling to stop.
  • Cat has the cure
  • Marc – let me do an intro!! :-)
  • Jon – the new podcaster in Toronto

Sites to check out!

Marc- Mindcaster
Jon – Canadian Perspective (new site)

Thanks for listening – pass along any questions you need answering ! ha


5 Responses to “Solving Andy’s problem”

  1. Jonathan McKinnell Says:

    Just to let you guys know! My blog has moved! it’s now at (now isn’t that link a doosy) have yet to listen to the new show. I can’t wait :)

  2. Cat Says:

    So Andy’s problem has been fixed – he did everything I said and now feels great! – Ha, I am a genius!!

    His answer for my question however, was a bit weak – but who could blame the guy – he is too young to know about kids – he said Sure give him Soy milk, and some Flinstone vitamins – Well I do know that Vitamins are not good for young kids – and since our boy is just 16 months, I will hold off on the vitamins.

    Alright – now I am looking for any other questions you may have – email me Cat (at) and I will try to answer the best way possible!!

    Thanks for tuning in!!


  3. Anonymous Says:

    I’d just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Bob’s snoring during the Coronation Street summary…it made me chuckle while listening as I lied in bed. I think it’s sweet that you guys do the show together…it’s just nice to hear is all. Keep it up!


  4. Andy Says:

    See I didn’t know that about kids and vitamins. Good thing I don’t have any yet.

  5. Silverstah Says:

    Perhaps get Andy a copy of “Baby’s First Year”? ;)

    I had to giggle – I, too, just got back from a western Carribbian cruise, and had some… balance problems. It’s well worth it, though. ;)


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