Show # 90 – Share the Love

Today’s show: MP3 or RSS feed – not even 9 mins

  • Share the Love – Podcasters, play this promo: Listeners, e-mail me where you hear it!
  • Why do people call me a Man?
  • Go listen to all of DDRs shows this week
  • A BIG welcome to Kaflooey
  • Check out Zee and Zed.

Not much else, sorry a bit short

but Hey, thanks for listening


5 Responses to “Show # 90 – Share the Love”

  1. MacManiac Says:

    DDR … thought in first line you’d mean the “Deutsche Demokratische Republik” which was the name for former Eeast-Germany ;)

  2. Nico Says:

    It was Cat’s idea to punch him. I added the fries part.


  3. FOTM Chris Says:

    Cat, you don’t look like or sound like a man. I’m sure the McDo guy was just doing too many things at once. You seem to have a lot of problems with that McDo. Wasn’t that the same one that wouldn’t take the coupons last year?

  4. Chris Says:

    Share the luuuuuuuuuuuuoooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrve!

  5. C.C. Says:

    F**k that McD’s guy. I love the part about stealing a fry. That’s the icing on the cake. Perhaps next time you’ll just have to flash him and go “Man? I think not honey!”

    Sorry, I’m in a weird mood today. Must be all the red.