Show # 88 – Fortune Cookie Segment

Today’s show – MP3 or RSS feed – 34 mins

  • Comments from last weeks show – Matt, Les, Scott
  • More on Running over animals
  • Frappr Map – be a member!!
  • Fan of the Month lives in my town – so he got some Fudge
  • Ottawa Meet up, pictures here
  • Post card from JC
  • Bumper nuts – on a truck we saw
  • Fortune Cookies live
  • Happy Chinese New Year
  • Audio comment from Rodger in UK.

Thank you everyone for all your great comments and on-going support.

oh By the Way… check out Rick Mercer’s show with the Ice Wine video (Inniskillin Winery)

12 Responses to “Show # 88 – Fortune Cookie Segment”

  1. Chris Says:

    You asked where Mori was? Well you see, even though Mori is a cat, he thinks he’s a chicken. So when people are around that he doesn’t know, he tends to hide. If you would’ve stayed for at least an hour, he probably would have come out of hiding…but then Bob probably would’ve come out of the van with his crowbar 8-)

  2. Nico Says:

    I’d go to Montreal in the winter. But then again, i’m a freak who loves the cold.
    Bob got the translation quite right! One thing though, and i’m sure Juan is laughing about this too. Instead of “año” you said “ano”. The first one, wich is pronounced like “canyon”, means “year”. The latter means “anus”. This makes the happy new year emails sent by friends who moved to a non-spanish speaking country really funny, as they don’t have ñ’s on their keyboards.
    Does Chris have a show? He should do one, he’s funny. Bob can produce it. It’s not like he doesn’t produce another 97 shows already. And speaking of Bob, I know a bit about PC’s too, so I know he was probably yelling at his computer after the show. You can hear a windows error sound right before there end ;)

  3. Chris Says:

    Nope, I don’t have a show. Funny you ask, though, because after listening to the Catfish Show last night, my fiancee asked me if I wanted to do a show.

    I probably have the technical know-how to produce my own show but I’m not sure that I’m as committed as Cat and Bob.

  4. MacManiac Says:

    Great show guys :) Those bumpernuts are hilarious :D

  5. Chris Says:

    Great show guys.

    I really liked Roger’s audio clip too.

    Funny, that voice seems vaguely familiar…:)

  6. Beth B Says:

    Ok, my favorite Catfish Show Fan is Chris (from the suburbs of Montreal). It used to be me, but now it’s Chris! Now I’m not so grumpy about not winning Fan of the Month — Chris sounded like he really needed that pen and fudge.

    Cat, is that a picture of Simon in the Ottowa meetup? Or is that somebody else’s kid?

    So is Chris from Kaflooey hinting that perhaps we could hear more from Rodger on his podcast? Cuz I nearly wet my pants laughing at Rodger’s comments and would love to hear more.

    Beth from the Beautiful Lake Champlain Islands.

  7. Mark Says:

    Hey Cat!

    I’m looking forward to Cat-a-palooza. Keep us informed.


  8. Mark Says:

    I don’t believe it. I linked my name in my previous comment (above) to this site. No… I’m not doing a hostile takeover. I’m just a spaz.

  9. Cat Says:

    I can’t believe all these comments in less than 24hrs of putting up the show :-)

    Thank you for such amazing feed back – This is really fun!


  10. Chris Says:

    “So is Chris from Kaflooey hinting that perhaps we could hear more from Rodger on his podcast? Cuz I nearly wet my pants laughing at Rodger’s comments and would love to hear more.”

    No – it’s definitely not me! I’m not saying who I think it is though – that’d spoil the fun. – Check James Carter’s Catfish Show forum entry:

  11. JC Says:

    Hey guys

    I heard the error thing at the end too, Nico. I thought that was funny as well. Cat, Bob, thanks for reading my postcard. Sounds to me like you guys don’t ever hear Jose Feliciano’s ‘Feliz Navidad’ during Christmas in Canada. I first heard it when I was 12 or so back in Venezuela (1972). They play it every Christmas in every state I ever lived in my 28 yrs in the US. My God, I have been in this country longer than my own! But then I should’ve have assumed that everybody in North America is exposed to the same media pseudo traditions.

    Cat, did you notice in my post card that I wrote Bob’s name in smaller print? I though he would catch it and give me hell about it.

    Phrase: Feliz Navidad Próspero Año (Nuevo) y Felicidad. In the song the ‘Nuevo’ is omitted because is understood and it sounds better anyway

    Translation: Happy Christmas, Prosperous (New) Year and Happiness. Bob, you did good! But I wouldn’t expect less from a francophone, of course. I let it go with Cat and the Ano thing. I love you anyway.




  12. Morrie Says:

    Hey Cat and Bob. Love Episode 88, especially the shark story. I featured it in my This Week In Sharks segment of my own podcast – That Happy Feeling. Thanks for continuing to set a benchmark in great entertainment and excellent production values.