Show # 86 – Falling on the ice

Today’s show – MP3 or RSS feed – 22 mins

  • Well once again we talk about the weather
  • Falling down on the ice – I have since done it again…. ouch..
  • Canadian Elections – check out My Bald Thoughts
  • Lakota arthritis medicine – Bunny rabbit man
  • Trip to Vermont – Ponderossa
  • Postcards…. postcards…. – keep’em coming – check out the Body Worlds exhibition.
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2 Responses to “Show # 86 – Falling on the ice”

  1. MacManiac Says:

    We’ve also had such icerain. That really sucks! But rounds haven’t been to slippery where I live, fortunately. Heard of many accidents on our highways… this winter’s one of the terriblest we’ve had the last years, I should try to get rid of all the snow on my garages roof but I’m to lazy. ;)

    However, I’m glad nothing happend on your ice excourse… an ex-coworker of mine fell down on the ice and now has a dislocated vertebra and a twisted pelvic. Damn, hope all those anatomic words are correct…

    Take care,

  2. Beth B Says:

    Hey Cat, Bob.

    Bob, it’s not nice to say being in Vermont is the equivalent to being un-dead…true, but still, not nice.

    Cat, when you mentioned the four restaurants at the Box Stores at Taft’s Corner, I thought “How embarrassing”… Then when you said that you went into the Ponderosa I thought “Oh NOOOOO”. Fortunately you did scope it out before ordering and went to the Chili’s instead. Next time, go into Burlington to eat and try Vermont Pub and Brew.

    Hey, if Dan Klass can put Hudson and Tallu on TBP, you can put Simon on the Catfish Show… I would love to hear “Bunny Rabbit!”


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