Show # 85 – a Quiz, a Quiz….

Today’s Show – MP3 or RSS feed 28 mins

  • I went to the Dentist today
  • We talk about CC from Accident Hash (alot)
  • In the news – iPod illegal to drive with, Mouse sets house on fire, or not
  • Made a mistake last week about the Frappr map
  • Lots of postcards read – see them on my Flikr
  • Too many names being dropped – check on the side for Podcast links
  • A Quiz, A Quiz – Win a CatFish Show pen – sent your answer via e-mail.

Thanks for listening


10 Responses to “Show # 85 – a Quiz, a Quiz….”

  1. C.C. Says:

    Well, this certainly made my ride to work today fun. Thanks for all the pimping. But, for someone who says they love Reality Bitchslap Radio I’m really surprised that you were not still subscribed to the feed. I mean the 1 year anniversary just came to pass and all. *huge grin*

    And I’m VERY happy you finally listened to a show. That made my day!

  2. Chris Says:

    Thanks for your birthday message Cat. Brought a tear to the eye when i read it. Much appreciated. I will get around to sending that postcard, just trying to find a nice picture for you. Loving the show, listening regularly on the ipod now, go for the case, much better. Love, Chris xxx

  3. Paige Heninger Says:

    My skin is crawling!!! Nails on a chalkboard! The dentist is the worst. When they pull the floss out of my closely spaced teeth, I practically get pulled out of the chair! You have to let us know how Simon does.

  4. Diane Says:

    this should have been called the CC show! ;)

    great fun guys :) Bob was really on form today! xxx

  5. Cat Says:

    Thanks everyone, we really had fun doing this one!!

    My trip to Vermont made me miss my window of podcast – since Bob is busy every other day this week, doing other podcasts, mine will have to be at the end of the week :-(

    Thanks for being patient – I have lots of great stories…

  6. Don Says:

    So Bob has been using the kid cutlery from IKEA…I suppose its safer than hockey…but one can get pretty colourful from playing hockey too…lol.
    Dentists…I hate them too…whenever I go it’s a great waste of time and money…never had a cavity, never had any dental work either but I always end up with a sizable cavity in my wallet for the checkup.
    Canadian politics…where Liberals want things to stay just the way they are and Consevatives speak of change for the future…and NDP(No D**N Plan)…enough for now see ya at the voting station.

    Love the show…oh yeah nice video by the way…I think I recognize the rink.

  7. Don Says:

    Hi Guys

    I enjoyed the cast

  8. Cat Says:

    Hey Don,

    Great to have you on board!!

    You will see us for sure at the voting station!

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