Show # 84 – Holiday recap

Today’s show – MP3 or RSS feed – 27 mins.

  • Holiday recap – Christmas and New Years
  • Another comment from Trucker Bill
  • Chris from Aycliffe podcast likes my show :-)
  • Answering Beth’s comment – sent your questions in…
  • Kaflooey‘s Vinny answers one of my questions – here
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10 Responses to “Show # 84 – Holiday recap”

  1. daryl Says:

    Hey, it says jan 04, but it is the 3rd. Did Quebec seperate and move accross the date line? Oh, wait time zones, yea thats it sorry. Can’t wait to download this puppy.

  2. Holger (MacManiac) Says:

    Hey hey hey :)
    Glad you finally got that package! Took quite a while to go overseas. Well my first resolution for 2006 is: Improve my handwriting… or, well, suppose I’ll just start writing cards only with capitals when sending some to Cat & Bob ;)

    Well, didn’t quite get what your sister put in the stuffing?? What was that? Never heard that word…

    btw: you could send me that link to the last year’s “bad family” episodue per eMail :)

    Have a great week,

  3. Cat Says:

    Hey Daryl, Had me all confused there, but then you fixed it!! ahhhhh….

    Holger – have you never heard of a Prune? Its looks like a really big raisin and aids in the movement of the bowel! When I used to get constipated (nothing for a few days) I would take one prune and it would work like having taken 5 coffees! Does that help explain?

    You must have them, just a different name – its a dried Plum (Maybe) There is also Prune juice – Worf from TNG loved it!!

    Hope that helps


  4. Beth B Says:

    Hi Cat,

    Thanks for answering my question. Sorry about mumbling, I’ll speak more clearly next time.

    So where did Papa get ice wine in Vermont?

    Have fun shopping at Tafts Corners, the big box stores await your arrival!Funny that you come here to shop, and my family sees Montreal as the primo shopping destination. No Ikea or Underground City here.


  5. MacManiac Says:

    Aaaaah, yeah, dried plums, that’s what we know. “Backpflaumen” in Germany or “Dörrzwetschken” in Austria (try to pronounce that ony our next show ;) )

    It’s for you like drinking a coffee?? Never heard of that. Well, actually I almost don’t feel more active from coffee at all, possibly drinking way to much.

    Still, sounds weird to put that in a stuffing – although I’m wondering what a typical stuffing in your christmastradition contains, seems as if that’s eachs family secret?

    Anyways, thanks for the explaination!

  6. Diane Says:

    guess what? i had some ice wine at new year! :)

    thought of you, of course Cat…my mum’s friend came to visit from Canada (she’s English but has lived there for over 20 years) & brought a little bottle for us…boy, is it sweet! my mum found it too sugary, but i liked it in small doses & felt quite tipsy lol :)

    My favourite wine is still a South African Chenin Blanc, though! xxx

  7. MacManiac Says:

    Concerning Wine: My fav is a “Tanat Uruguay” I bought years ago for a friend, that’s been the best wine I ever drank!

  8. daryl Says:

    Content? You don’t need no stinkin Content. yous guys got chemistry.

  9. PhilB Says:

    Conversely, I gave my parents some Ice Wine for Christmas, from when we visited Niagara last winter (well, March). We also have some Ice Cider we brought back from a previous trip.

    On Lectra’s ‘aim’, we had a problem with our cats kicking litter out of the tray, so we got them an enclosed litter tray (like a cat basket but with a swing door and litter in the bottom). We had to remove the door, as they wouldn’t go in there voluntarily, but now they’re fine with it (as long as I remember to empty it).

  10. Cat Says:

    Hey, great comments everyone!!

    I have opened a thread in the forum to keep this going – go take a look and keep chatting.

    Thanks everyone, really appreciate it :-)

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