Show #82 – Cat is going Insane!

Today’s show MP3 or RSS feed – 20 mins

Thanks for Listening – I really mean it, that was rough!!

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10 Responses to “Show #82 – Cat is going Insane!”

  1. David Says:

    Hey Hey Hey Cat & Bob!

    Great show again, Cat must be enjoying the festive cheer (or maybe not enough sleep!).



  2. Marc Says:

    Hey hey hey ! How come I can’t find you in iTunes ? HELP ME ! ;-) btw, thanks for that really kewl and refreshing podcast !

    PS : I got skins from decalgirl for my 2 ipods and… I love it ! Got also oen for my PS2 and one for my Nintendo DS. I know, I’m a fuckin geek.

  3. Cat Says:

    Hey Marc –

    Bob has added the iTunes button on the site – over on the right a bit down…

    And if you go into iTunes music store, choose Podcasts – then enter CatFish in the search box, it should come up (for some reason Zedcast comes up too…) but there you go. If you are still having trouble… let me know.


  4. MacManiac Says:

    Yeah, great show again… laughed a lot :D

  5. Nico Says:

    20 wasted minutes?? Are you kidding me? This show was all i love about podcasting! Real, unscripted and extremely funny.

    How do they think a blue tax santa would make the people pay taxes? Who knows. Our government isn’t known for their bright ideas, heh.

  6. Marc Says:

    I dunno why, but it was not working when I tried. I finally got you into iTunes… Thanks ! ;-)

  7. Nico Says:

    Ha! i just saw a tv ad about the tax santas! They actually said this:

    “Do you know why we’re any color but red? Because for us, red is debt!!”

    -rolls eyes-

  8. C.C. Says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing during this show. Some of the funniest stuff ever on the CatFishShow

  9. Diane Says:

    it was hilarious! have no content more often ;-)

    happy holidays guys! & happy podcasting anniversary- almost! xxx

  10. Cat Says:

    Thanks everyone for the great comments!!

    Love hearing what you think of the show – seeing as some times I think its not so great!!

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