Show #81 Christmas this weekend

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8 Responses to “Show #81 Christmas this weekend”

  1. MacManiac Says:

    Rarely laughed that much, poor Fish ;D Loved that show (well, loved the others as well, of course).
    Btw. half a meter snow at 0°C here in the austrian mountains. Damn, that sucks!

    Greetz to everybody!

  2. Michael Gallegos Says:

    Just know that you are still around and the Dollar show has folded.
    Quality last.

  3. Cat Says:

    Thanks Micheal, nice to know that a show with no content is still better than a show that doesn’t exist anymore :-)

    Holger – that weather sounds wonderful – not too cold, but lots of snow, great for making snowmen and then some hot chocolate (you must have Great hot chocolate!!)

  4. David Says:

    Hi Cat,

    I enjoyed the last show even with minimum content ! :-)

    I then felt you were talking to me!, as I was that 31st person, so survey has now been completed and sent….

    Why only 31 people, your show is fun to listen.

    Keep on with the fun you provide…and lets hope your show gets more notice in the future (how about sending some promos to Accident Hash or Adam Curry’s podcasts?)



  5. MacManiac Says:

    Yeah, just 31 guys?? I can hardly believe that!! Just as David said, it’s great fun…I’ll do some advertising, well, I’ve got 200 listeners (which I feel is still not much)…

    We have AWESOME hot chocolate!! The best brand is from “Zotter” ( and it’s so amazing! You should order one and try it! Does your PO-Box hold also packages containing chocolate? ;)

  6. Beth B Says:

    Sorry Cat, but I started that Listener Survey and it just went on FOREVER! I started, but I gave up before the end because I thought it was never going to end.

    By the way, is there any Fan of the Month contest for December? I wanna play.

  7. Cat Says:

    Hey David,
    Thanks for the comment – doing a promo is on my list – just it seems my only idea for a promo would be a clip promo, so I will have to go back and find some funny bits and ask Bob “The Producer” to put it all together :-)

    Holger – my PO box would for sure accept a nice package of hot chocolate – or any kind of chocolate for that matter – so….. feel free to send some along for some real sampling :-)

    Beth – I am so sorry the survey did not work for you – that is the first time I have heard about it going on and on – as far as I can remember it is about 5 to 7 pages, and it tells you at the top how many pages are left. So maybe there was a problem with yours, I will try to see if this problem is common (but I really can’t do much about it, cause its not us doing the survey!) But thanks so much for trying and letting me know you had problems.

    And you were the first to mention the lack of Fan of the Month – Bob and I were wondering if anyone would notice!!

    Feel free to go to the forum and open up a topic on it, and we can all join in…

    Thanks everyone!!

  8. Beth B Says:

    Regarding the survey… I didn’t notice the “how many pages are left” notice on the survey. I probably gave up around page 6. Hey, I have a short attention span, so cut me some slack…

    I’ll try it again soon.

    I’ll go to the forum now and open a topic on Fan of the Month…

    How was the trip to beeeautiful Burlington Airport?


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