Show # 80 – Still not a year yet!

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3 Responses to “Show # 80 – Still not a year yet!”

  1. Holger (MacManiac) Says:

    Heeeey, that’s been a funny response to my card, rare thing I laughed so much early morning when drivin’ to work ;)
    So finally you got that thing with the card from Berlin not being sent with the austrian stamp from austria and then being sent by eMail, huh? ;)
    Hope winter’s not treatin’ you to bad, we had -10°C last night and currently about half a meter of snow…


  2. daryl and kuma Says:

    Really made me laugh guys thanx. (BTW I did the survey)

  3. Jim Says:

    Hey hey hey, Cat! I’ve just posted Episode 006 of “Check This Out!”, complete with the excerpt on White Margarine from your Episode 77. It’s at, or for short. Thanks again for letting me use it. Love the show! My cats Christopher, Bygul and Trjegul say hello to Fish.

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