Show # 79 – Gummie Bears on the Photocopier

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9 Responses to “Show # 79 – Gummie Bears on the Photocopier”

  1. Nico Says:

    ºF = (ºC x 1.8) + 32 and ºC = (ºF – 32) / 1.8 . Or you can do it the easy way and just go to

    Man, you can have gummy bears fight and get paid? You should get me a job there. I could use a job, heh.

    Rosario is pretty big actually. Over 1.000.000 people live here. The part you see in the postcard is just downtown. The river is not really that dirty, it just looks like it because of all the sediments it carries.

    As usual, loved the show :) you guys rock.

  2. Mark Says:

    Okay… okay… I blew it on the postcard. I was probably drunk when I bought it. I was definitely drunk when I signed it. Next up, a postcard from Ottawa.

  3. Mark Says:

    Oh yeah… Bruce and I recorded the audio comment before we heard your last show.

  4. tom Says:

    Unfortunately what you read about the bird that has been shot is true.

    Although it is not every Dutchman’s favourite pastime, after smoking a couple of tulips or snorting a line of Edam cheese, some Dutchies will do strange things, even by our own standards: they’ll line up little pieces of wood (4.155.476 to be precise, 2.4 million people saw it live on TV — around 15% of the population) and are willing to kill for it. Apparently.

    And no, there’s no telling what they might have done if a child accidentally would have knocked a few over, so don’t let Simon get anywhere near the land of clogs, windmills and Heineken beer, from which I greet you,

    Tom (yes, I am Dutch)

  5. Tod Says:

    Thanks for the plug about the meetup – totally looking forward to seeing you two again. :-)


  6. C.C. Says:

    Sorry you guys thought i was rubbing it in. I just thought it would be nice to send you a postcard from wherever I might end up in the world. Didn’t mean to bring you down. You guys should do this show on a sugar high more often! *grin*

  7. Cat Says:


    I never knew you were so sensitive! We totally love your postcards… keep em coming!!

  8. Jonell Says:

    I appreciate that you weren’t really trying to get into this subject on the show but since you did I have a few thoughts:

    I think your almost-rant about the US wasn’t really mean, just didn’t make any sense. Our government officials are invoking God (and they all mean the Christian one) with every other sentence and the war in Iraq has been called a “crusade” by the president… No openly atheistic person has ever been elected here that I know of. I wouldn’t call that secular, no matter what the stupid tree is called.

    Also, kids start school at 5, they should know not to hit and steal before then so morals should be taught at home. I’d want my kid to learn morals from me, I wouldn’t trust that important job to someone I don’t know – that teacher could be a gay-hating racist for all I know. Besides, what if the religion put in school wasn’t yours? You’d probably be pretty upset about your kid being indoctrinated with devil worship everyday, paid for with your tax dollars… Here we are supposed to have a separation of church and state so that no one’s religion is more important than anyone else’s, and that can’t happen if you pick just one to teach in school. Anyway, that’s just one American’s thought on that topic.

    The gummie bear fight sounded like fun.

  9. Beth B Says:

    Chill out Jonell. Canadians like to make fun of ‘mericans. Their passion for it is only outstripped by their love for hockey.

    And you have to admit that the merchants here are a tad bizarre… They put up decorations and tell us to start shopping months before Christmas… and yet they don’t want to say the word “Christmas” because they don’t want to offend any of their non-Christmas-celebrating customers. So they call it “Holiday Shopping” and say “Season’s Greetings”, even though we all know the holiday they are really targeting is Christmas.

    When I got an L.L. Bean Christmas catalog in the mail on the last day of Summer this year, I had a hissy fit right then and there. My family had to hose me down to get me to stop ranting and foaming at the mouth. Summer in Vermont is too short as it is — they didn’t have to rub it in.

    By the way Cat, thanks for the invite to hang at the craft store in Enosburg on Dec 7th, but I’m working that day. I’m also kind of a long way from Enosburg Falls (I think everyone is!) Bob said something about having been at a picnic in the Champlain Islands… if it was at Sandbar State Park, that is MUCH closer to where I’m at. I’ll have to send you a postcard sometime :)

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