Pens are expensive $$$

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  • Weather Advisory across Canada
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6 Responses to “Pens are expensive $$$”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Cat
    Here I am your first Kiwi!!!!! The first and the best, the horse whispering show, the only equine show in the World, and you are the first person to contact us, and I am the first Kiwi to contact you. So you can put a dot on your map now. Is that how it works?
    I was actually really interested in your bad weather over there. Like minus 39 degrees. SHit that is cold man. My husband Walter and I have just climbed Myt Lyford right by our log house, and we walked up to 4,000 feet with just our tee shirts, and a lot of sweating, and you are in freezing conditions, and so is the whole of Canada it sounds like. I am intrigued with the weather extremes in the world for some reason.

    Now Cat how are your sinuses going to clear in that weather?
    Check out our weblog, and until next time bye

    Kate and Walter South Island, New Zealand aka kiwiland

  2. Silverstah Says:

    Well, as a listener from Raleigh, NC… I can tell you that Wednesday’s chaos was *not normal*.

    Sure, the southeast US shuts down at the trace of snow – mainly because we don’t have the knowledge or resources to deal with it. Southeners don’t know how to drive in it. Our cities don’t invest heavily in sanders/salters/snowplows because we rarely have to deal with it.

    But we are generally capable in dealing with 1″ of snow. Wednesday was just… WEIRD. Nobody expected any precipitaiton to accumulate – and it just kinda snuck up on us. Schools let out early, kids were stuck on busses (heck – over 3,000 kids ended up sleeping over at their schools!) and parents were stuck in gridlock.

    My commute to my PT job is generally 20 minutes. It took me over *7 hours* to get home – and it would have taken longer, if I hadn’t panicked when my “low gas” light turned on…. I was the rude driver and hopped to the front of the line waiting to get off the freeway. Yeah, people cursed me out, I’m sure… but I wasn’t about to get stuck on I-440 with no gas and no way for anyone to come and rescue me. ;)

    Stay warm!

  3. Cat Says:

    Great comments guys!!

    More weather topics in Tuesday night’s show!!

    Glad you made it out safe Silverstah!

    Keep listening



  4. Anonymous Says:

    Owen here, since I don’t really want a blogger account…

    We lived in Seattle for 2 years. Our kids were school age while we were there. One morning we wake up to a skiff of snow. My wife is busy getting the kids ready for school and her friend from down the street calls. “Whatcha doin” she says. “Getting the kids ready for school” says my wife. “But, have you not heard? It’s a snow day!”.

    It’s all about being prepared. We can deal with a foot of snow because we are prepared for a foot of snow. We expect a foot of snow. When you don’t have the infrastructure what you get is panic and chaos.

    Now as far as gas being cheap here (in alberta) because we make it…ha ha ha. I don’t know what it is down there but were at 76 cents a litre right now.

    I must say it was nice to take the dogs for a walk in a foot of slush let me tell you. Gota love those chinooks…


  5. Andy Says:

    Hey Cathy I just wanted to congratulate you on making the top 50 podcasts and passing up Bob’s show over at Podcastalley.

    Way to go.

  6. Bob Says:

    We slowed down so she could catch up :)

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